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GDS Telecom had its humble beginnings servicing organizations around the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The cities diversity and tech savvy population can make for some unique processes and operational goals. What was once a city that was predominantly comprised of offices with their own IT departments, has turned into a relatively tech savvy work force that would rather outsource as much expensive IT as they can. This trend has led to a sort of tech ignorance that leaves many Atlanta organizations unknowingly exposed to cyber-attacks and data breeches.

Some of more common pieces of technology that could compromise the operation of these business would be outdated firewall appliances, email servers, web servers, routers, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems, video surveillance systems, or access control systems. There have been many horror stories involving breaches of mission critical systems running operating systems or firmware that Have not been updated in 5+ years. Even large corporations like Target that invest thousands of millions of dollars on security still get breeched. It makes you wonder how vulnerable smaller companies are to such threats.

Many professionals who work in the IT industry have encountered situations where they have been tasked with repairing broken computers running extremely old operating systems. For example, Windows XP’s last Microsoft security update came out April 2014. Some office buildings or even industrial equipment are still driven by software programmed to work on these operating systems. If they are not hooked to the internet or a trusted that may be an acceptable temporary situation. Once an outdated system like this is hooked to the internet it becomes a security hazard that could bring everything connected to that system offline. Problems like this are rarely addressed until these sorts of catastrophic failures occur.

These problems are easy to address with proper planning. It is always better to know about potential IT hazards than to be blindsided. For example, if there is no budget to replace a particular system until a set time, you still may be able to remove it from your trusted network and isolate the potential hazard. GDS telecom IT services can help assess any problems your IT infrastructure at any time.