Brooklyn New York Commercial IT Services

Brooklyn, New York IT Services

GDS Telecom prides itself on offering quality IT services. One of the areas serviced is Brooklyn, New York. This city’s ultra-dense population can present challenges that may not be as prevalent elsewhere. Services like wireless networks have technological limits that can be complex to overcome without specific knowledge. GDS Telecom can help your business address issues like this.

Some technologies that can be leveraged to overcome these issues are wireless signal repeaters, and various methods that can reduce interference from RF (radio frequency) noise. There are wide product ranges of repeaters and other products that are designed to be used with networks of all types and sizes. Introducing these sorts of devices to an infrastructure can drastically improve network speeds and increase employee productivity.

Budgetary constraints can hamper an organizations ability to upgrade technology when appropriate. Some businesses may still be using enterprise 802.11G equipment that would be considered legacy hardware for many. Although it may have been enterprise when purchased, there are no guarantees that it could not be outperformed by a modern consumer level product. Once security compliance is brought into the picture the savvy know that upgrading is a wise move. If a business is not using WPA2 PSK, the most secure wireless encryption standard currently available (2020), they could be unnecessarily exposing themselves to outside threats. It is always smart to address the risks of using outdated electronics.

Some may wonder what value can be gained from performing upgrades like this. One of the benefits of being compliant with security standards is being able to advertise your compliance with potential customers. The trust that can be gained by being fully compliant should not be underestimated. It very well could be the deciding factor of choosing your product or service over another.

Whether your business needs structured cabling, a quality MSP (managed service provider), IT support, or security solutions, GDS telecom can help your organization navigate technology challenges that can affect your bottom line. Contact us today for a no risk consultation.