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Commercial real estate owners frequently look for products and services that can attract high value tenants. Charlotte North Carolina is a burgeoning metropolis with many potential businesses and possible tenants. One of the current trends is to offer a full ‘Tenant Experience’ for building occupants and lease holders. The ‘Tenant Experience’ offering includes providing amenities that would normally only be available to large corporations to smaller organizations. GDS Telecom can assist your building or commercial real estate property develop this product for current and potential tenants.

Some of the ideologies that make this product attractive to tenants include employee retention, increased productivity, team building, and a more positive work environment for all to enjoy. Some examples of provided amenities that support a building offering the ‘Tenant Experience’ include:

  • Video and arcade game spaces.
  • Lunch, dining areas and food.
  • Dry cleaning, tailoring pick up and drop off.
  • Ping pong, pool, shuffleboard.
  • High-tech conference rooms.
  • Haircuts, salon services and massages.
  • Gym and fitness classes.
  • Car wash and cleaning.
These services can be set up in a way where tenants can purchase packages that include all or some of these amenities. Having the proper access control systems in place helps to protect these building spaces from being used by unauthorized individuals who do not pay for the services. Also, there are data, cabling, and electrical constraints that need to be planned for before moving forward.

GDS telecom can help your commercial real estate property or office park implement the ‘Tenant experience’ with or without our other services. It is not uncommon for a building to build out ‘Tenant experience’ amenities when upgrading or installing a new access control, camera, and/or security systems. Making the choice to provide this service can help to retain current tenants, improve your service offering, and attract new occupants.