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Being part of ‘tornado alley’ is a harsh reality of operating a business in Indianapolis, Indiana. This risk factor makes disaster recovery planning an important business practice for any Indianapolis organization that relies on its IT assets. Some businesses may rely on LTO (Linear Tape Open) or DLT (Digital Linear Tape) tape backup solutions for their disaster backup recovery. There are many robust cloud storage and SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions that GDS telecom can help your business implement.

Choosing the right disaster backup recovery solution can be confusing. The factors that play into this decision are security requirements, the size of your data assets, IT budget constraints, broadband solutions available for your physical location, and any special compliance regulations that your business may be subject to. In addition, there may be physical systems that can help protect your data such as specialty sprinkler systems, fire boxes, safes, and access control systems.

Cloud storage has become more accessible due to improvements in network technology and storage efficiency. Modern usage-based pricing structures help offset the cost overhead of implementing your own hardware and may be a smart choice. There are many different providers offering different levels of security and performance. One of these services is Amazon Glacier, which charges an exceptionally low price to accept large amounts of data, but a larger price if data needs to be removed. Because the chances of ever needing the data is low, this type of pricing structure is attractive for many businesses. In addition, there are storage appliances available that integrate directly with services like this with little to know configuration needed.

If physical tape drives are necessary for your organization, GDS Telecom can provide services to implement a disaster recovery process. Attention can be given to plans and layouts when choosing the physical locations of your data storage to help preserve sensitive hardware components. Tape disaster backup recovery can be achieved by rotating storage media in fire boxes or safes. Even though this may not be optimal, compliance can still be achieved in this way.