These terms for the GDSPBX Emergency Services are expressly incorporated into the Master Services Agreement entered into by GDS Telecom, LLC and Customer (the “Agreement”).

On February 16, 2020 Karis law compliance will be going into effect. This brings a new set of federal requirements for enterprise hosted and local PBX systems. 

Kari’s law primarily focuses on 2 areas: 911 accessibility and notification. 


No more “9” for an outside line.
Tragically, the adoption of Kari’s law was a response to an emergency event in which a child was unable to reach emergency assistance because she did not know she had to dial “9” to reach an outside line to make a 911 call at a hotel. Kari’s law will require that any MLTS will allow callers to reach emergency services (911) without the need to dial a prefix for an outside number first. Thus, among other things, all enterprises utilizing MLTS will need to update their phone configurations accordingly.


In addition to removing the need to dial a prefix for an outside line when calling 911, Kari’s law requires businesses using MLTS to also implement notifications to designated personnel when a 911 call has been made. These notifications can take the form of a phone call, email, SMS/text message, or conspicuous on-screen message.

Notifications will allow for designated personnel to know that there’s an emergency and even provide first aid if necessary. Most importantly, it allows them to quickly escort emergency personnel to where they’re needed, helping them through the front doors, elevators, and into key carded areas depending on the particulars of any enterprise environment.


Configuring the email address for notification is fairly simple. 
Each e911 registration will have its own email to notify. (this email must be validated.) 
When creating your e911 listing there is a new section for you to enter an email address. Per the law, this email address will be used to notify someone on the premises when 911 is dialed. It is important to use an email that will be monitored so that these notifications are not missed. 
When saved a verification email will be sent to the configured address and it must be validated before the 911 listing can be set for any device.