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Marietta, GA is home to many business parks and commercial real estate buildings. Many of these buildings are older which can present challenges to current and potential tenants. From an IT perspective, an often overlooked process of moving into new facilities is the removal of stray low voltage wiring. National Electric Code (NEC) article 645 outlines the requirements for what kinds of wires should be removed or what may be a potential hazard. The many reasons why one should consider dealing with unused low voltage wiring would be unnecessary IT repairs, increased building maintenance costs, potential security problems, damaged office equipment, increased insurance premiums, fire hazards, loss of intellectual property, and possible tenant to property owner legal fees. All of these perils could potentially cause a large operational setback for any business.

Some may overlook things like wires left in the drop ceiling from an old security system, or damaged and unlabeled network and phone jacks. Although one may think it is wise to keep wires and network jacks where they are, one should probably remove wire that they are not sure is properly terminated. An example of what may occur would be running a small office network off of existing cabling that also terminates to a neighboring office space. That jack could have previously belonged to an owner who leased both spaces that are now separated. This old jack might be functional, but obviously presents a security risk that should be dealt with promptly. Any device hooked into that neighboring network jack would bypass most of your firewalls and network security rules.

In addition to low voltage cabling, exposed coaxial or poorly removed security systems could also expose your building and office space to hazards. GDS Telecom is licensed and insured and can help your building or business find these kinds of problems before they have a chance to damage your operations. Contact us today for more information.
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