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Midtown, Georgia IT Services

GDS Telecom is based in Midtown, Atlanta and offers a full spectrum of cutting-edge IT (Information Technology) services for the modern business. Are you a commercial real estate owner in the metro Atlanta area who is seeking a partner for managed services? Maybe you are a local business owner who is looking for hardware sales, fiber optic internet options or other IT services. Whatever your business needs, look no further than Midtown, Atlanta. Why do business elsewhere? GDS Telecom is local and qualified to help you get the right internet and IT service packages for your growing business or real estate property.

There is a good reason why most businesses are no longer running on copper or coax relay connections. These antiquated wired connections put users at the mercy of outdated hardware and slow technology, forcing clients to compete for bandwidth on connections with shared infrastructure. While some of the potential bottlenecks associated with connection lag may still exist with fiber, the best way to ensure the fastest possible connection speeds and enable your enterprise to leverage high availability cloud assets is a fiber optic internet connection installed by GDS Telecom.

GDS Telecom specializes in installing high-speed fiber optic networks and associated low voltage networking cables, routers, and switches. GDS Telecom also guarantees the utmost in performance, security, and dedicated bandwidth on all its internet services. Let GDS Telecom handle everything from consultation and site survey to system design, project management, installation and integration, speed testing, and certification. We can hook you up to whichever provider your building allows, depending on location. Some of these providers include Level 3, CenturyLink, AT&T, and Comcast Fiber.

If GDS Telecom is already handling your high-speed fiber internet connection, your cloud services, and your access control systems, why not go all the way with our managed services package? Yes, GDS Telecom is also a managed services provider. Partner with GDS Telecom to monitor and manage your full suite of IT systems so you can focus on growing your business without having to worry about hiring and managing your own IT department. For a manageable monthly fee, GDS Telecom will work with you to determine your business technology goals, and supply you with every resource at our disposal to meet them. This includes review and planning, budget preparation, support and asset management, advanced documentation and monthly reporting, 24/7 advanced monitoring and alerts, secure remote access and more. Contact GDS Telecom for a consultation today.