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Unlike many of the newer up and coming suburban tech hubs in the Metro Atlanta area, Norcross has been a popular office location for tech savvy businesses for many years. One of the downsides of being in the same office location for many years is possibly overlooking upgrades to critical infrastructure that may have not applied to your organization upon moving in. Some companies choose to move offices periodically due to company growth or other evolving business demands. During this moving process, one is likely to identify areas that can be updated. Businesses should always periodically assess their infrastructure to identify any areas that could be improved. Both large and small organizations are susceptible to being hacked and spied on for all kinds of reasons. If you value your products, intellectual property, clients, and customers, it is likely that others will value these things. Be mindful of each way others can steal what you value on the software, network, and physical levels. One can make a career of being knowledgeable enough to properly secure just one of those areas. It would be wise to trust experts if you truly wish to protect your organization from threats.

There have been some recent high profile security incidents involving products trusted by the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense. One includes the Orion software compromise. Just because a product is trusted does not necessarily mean it cannot be compromised. Because highly secure software products must many times utilize other protocols to communicate they run the risk of being intercepted when they leave the safety of their own well written and secure code. To do their job they must trust that the APIs, protocols, routers, and physical network devices that they leverage are indeed secure. Also, proper protocols must be taken to protect networks, passwords and encryption keys.

There have been security compromises that struck the very foundations of the internet. An example of this was ‘Heartbleed’ back in 2014. Even though the attack got a relatively small amount of press, the implications of what may have been compromised years before it was patched are staggering as well as almost impossible to estimate. Due to the general trust of the network layer and protocol that was compromised there is no way to know exactly what information was stolen during this time.

Generally, keeping your organization up to date across all layers is a wise move. All it would take for one to intercept all information going in and out of your business would be to compromise one physical network cable in addition to compromising your SSL encryption key. All businesses in Norcross and the Greater metro area should be mindful of these possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact GDS telecom with questions regarding any network, security, and physical access control problems you need to address.

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