Raleigh North Carolina Access Control System

Raleigh, NC IT Services

Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and the second-largest city in the state. A variety of universities and industries culminate in Raleigh's Research Triangle, one of the most prominently successful research parks in the US. The fastest growing industry in Raleigh, NC is the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Healthcare information is some of the most privacy-sensitive data a system can hold, so access control and security are especially important for businesses that take responsibility for this type of information. GDS Telecom is a managed service provider who operates in Raleigh, North Carolina and offers full-service security solutions to suit a variety of business demands.

Navigating security risks in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry isn’t easy. Confidentiality is the most sacred promise between a doctor and a patient. Let GDS Telecom take the stress out of building your security system from scratch. Whether you are just starting up or an established company looking to keep up with the increasing demands for security in tech, GDS Telecom has the right combination of options to meet your needs.

Security is about more than just passwords. It’s about who is allowed in and out of your facilities. It’s about software and hardware. It’s about networks, cameras, intercoms and storage systems. It’s about who you hire and how they are trained. It’s about establishing protocols and being sure they are carried out consistently. It’s about intrusion detection, access control and surveillance. Let GDS Telecom provide full-service system design, engineering and support for every aspect of security at your company.

IP and Server Based Access Control Systems give you the power to decide who can access what data, when and from where. Security camera systems and closed-circuit television monitors will protect your property from unauthorized persons. Placing emergency call phones inaccessible areas throughout your place of business can result in prompt reporting of security breaches and minimize damage to your systems and data. Voice and video intercom systems allow you to control the flow of people in areas where sensitive data is stored. Intrusion detection is essential to consistently keep your data safe from outsiders. These are just some of the security options you will find in GDS Telecom’s full suite of commercial IT services.

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