Cloud Access

Our customers love the pace/quality tempo that we show during each of the principal construction processes...
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VOIP Services

Is your current phone system not keeping up with the demands of your business? Do you find your company missing...
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Internet Access

Oftentimes physical and functional essence of any construction project needs to be represented digitally, in a 3D model format...
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Security Solutions

The security risks that you don't see still impact your bottom line. When it comes to employee and customer safety security focus is paramount...
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Managed Services

Look no further than GDS Telecom. We'll manage your IT services for a monthly recurring fee so you can focus... ::Read More::

IT Services

If a project is not too complex, we may hire a designer-builder type of contractor, to make the longevity of...... ::Read More::

Structured Cabling

The GDS Telecom team delivers quality workmanship on small installations to large. Our industry knowledgeable Technicians are there to assist... ::Read More::


IT Compliance

Companies may be audited or become faced with upgrades they may not fully understand. GDS Telecom has the capability to help bring your organization up to compliance with a number of different standards... ::Read More::