Stamford, Connecticut IT Services

Stamford, Connecticut IT Services

Stamford, Connecticut has one of the highest corporation densities in the United States. Depending on a corporation’s needs, one may decide to re-organize their IT by outsourcing and purchasing an MSP (Managed Service Plan) or by hiring their own staff and managing it in house. Each decision has its own pros and cons. GDS telecom has the know-how to help an organization implement and maintain either type of corporate IT plan.

MSP’s (Managed Service Plans) are a great way for a company to fire and forget with their IT plans. No support or IT staff is needed at all. GDS telecom will provide any agreed upon infrastructure, software, hardware, and support staff needed meet or exceed corporate goals. These kinds of implementations allow your organization to focus on its goals without the hassle of managing a whole IT department.

Many corporations and organizations have IT staff on hand with their own set of goals and responsibilities. GDS telecom can still provide value to these types of organizations by installing and upgrading infrastructure that staff may not be familiar with or licensed to perform. GDS telecom specializes in maintaining and installing specialized hardware such as:

  • Internet access, routers, and switches.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Intercom, PBX & phone systems.
  • Servers and workstations.
  • Video surveillance, IoT devices, access control and security systems.
  • ‘Tenant Experience’ amenities.
  • Cloud service integration.
  • IT audit compliance.

Although corporations may have their own IT staff, they may not have the manpower to complete a particular task. Sometimes there is not enough demand to staff an individual for a system that rarely breaks. GDS telecom can provide services that fill these gaps so your IT staff can focus on their organizational success goals. Fill out the form below or call our number for a free consultation.