Washington, DC Commercial IT Services

Washington DC IT Services

Washington, DC is serviced by GDS Telecom’s Courthouse, Virginia office. One of the commonly requested services in the DC metro is GDS Telecom's IT security solutions. Whether it be access control, physical security, or network and computer security, GDS Telecom specializes in providing standards compliant security solutions. Some of the standards and services that GDS telecom can help your organization with are ITIL compliance, penetration testing, edge routing, firewall implementation services, and PCI DSS compliance.

ITIL compliance was developed by the British Government to help define standards for communications between government organizations. It focuses on defining four key organizational functions (Service Desk, Application Management, Technical Management and Operations Management) then using a 5-stage process (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement) to support these functions.

PCI DSS compliance is a security standard for organizations that process and store credit card information. Some of the line items on a PCI DSS audit can be complex to implement and may require specialty IT appliances, modifications of current processes, or specialty software. The modern IT landscape possesses specialized SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and various Cloud Services that can tremendously simplify your secure PCI DSS implantation. Just being aware of what some of these services can do at low price points would amaze many. When one compares these offerings to the costs of what implementing some of these services yourself would be, the savings are staggering. Every day more and more enterprise level services are becoming available this way granting access to small and medium sized organizations, and large savings for enterprise organizations.

Being compliant with standards like this are a requirement for some industries; However, there is hidden value when they are implemented correctly. Typically, the extra measures taken can guard your business or organization from unrelated forms of fraud or ransomware attacks. The threats from these sorts of things are very real and compromise organizations across the globe every day. The other benefit is being able to tout the trust symbols on your website or other marketing materials. Establishing trust with those you offer products or services to is an invaluable asset that can help with customer retention or obtaining new customers. GDS Telecom can help you discover and navigate all the security solutions that would be required or available to you. Contact us with the form below for more information.